Our Services


Whether you require a new design of an established product or the development of a completely new concept, then our 130 years’ experience within kitchenware innovation, design, manufacturing and sourcing enables us to be your ideal partner. We deliver results for you that are both practical, unique and in knowledgeable consideration of market trends, critical success factors for design, performance properties of the full range of available metal substrates and non-stick/natural coatings, colour and packaging options.

Ian Wilkinson, founder of Wilkinson 1888, has brought several innovations to market including PushPan, Baking Brick, Vulcan, 3D Bake and Naked Cookware/Bakeware.

Vendor Management

Busy factories in China, particularly in the fields of bakeware and cookware, can be unreliable in the sustaining of agreed standards in all aspects of their involvement in the supply chain. Now more so than ever, Chinese factories are blessed with full order books and many competing supply requests. Our vendor management services provide excellent value for money and remove many of the risks involved in dealing directly with a chosen factory. It is an absolute credit to our Wilkinson China team that several of our customers are China/Hong Kong-based buying offices for global retailers!

For over 16 years we have professionally developed our China-based team who are now steeped in the specific knowledge of bakeware and cookware specification, manufacture and supply. If you have found a factory that you wish to deal directly with then the Wilkinson 1888 team will locally manage and assure the supply processing of your business with your chosen factory. For many of the global retailers we supply (mostly direct but also via distributors), we use one of our preferred suppliers from our current well-established network. Each manufacturing partner has been fully audited by the Wilkinson China specialist team with reference to our ethical work policies and to ensure a robust internal quality management system is in place. Our quality assurance and quality control specialists then design and follow, an individual schedule of various checks and controls, unique to the requirements of each contract, to ensure success from order placement though to goods receipt. We tactically choose to keep our network of partners as low we practically can, to ensure that as a vendor manager, representing many retailers, we develop effective relationships with key representatives and retain greater customer leverage, to be used fairly and as required.


Wilkinson 1888 is a well-established trading company dually based in the UK and East Asia, working in sole partnership with Wilkinson China based in Guangzhou, China. As detailed above, we source the full range of cookware and bakeware products through exclusive agreements with quality-selected factories in China. We supply both OEM and retail with kitchenwares, carefully ensuring there is never a conflict of interest. We include the detailed aspects of Innovation and Vendor Mangement as required, in our supply chain, to deliver great products on time, in specification and without trauma to our customers.

The majority of our sourcing is for Private Label ranges that respectable global retailers are proud to put their own name on. Around 30% of our supply is to well-established OEMs, where their well-known brands are stamped on the products we have helped create and carefully nurse though the supply chain journey to their warehouses or 3PLs. The remainder of our products carry our enviable 130yr heritage and retain our label ‘Wilkinson 1888’ or are labelled as one of our branded innovations, which we supply to distributors and direct to retail.

Brokering Services

Sometimes a large organisation has everything in place except the intimate product knowledge or the ideal factory to supply the goods required. In such a scenario, Wilkinson 1888 is the perfect agency to make recommendations of product and the factory to supply. We are always realistic and provide this service for a very modest brokerage fee that can be paid directly by our customer or via the supplier. Our agreements are fully transparent and agreed upfront. We work openly with all parties involved and only ever take commission from one party as per our mutual agreement.