Bakeware & Cookware:

All Products Comply with the relevant European and US standards:

BS EN 13834 2007+A1 2009 for bakeware

CEN-TS-12983-2-2005 for cookware

FDA and LFGB for coatings.

EU 2016 1416 Plastic & Materials in contact with food.

We work in partnership with retailers and factories to assist factories in compliance with individual AUDITS that may be required by individual customers. We also work with SEDEX, as required.

Sourcing, national and international standards, testing protocols, quality control, order processing with timeline management and PRE-SHIPMENT INSPECTIONS OF INTEGRITY. We have the experience to handle the most exacting requirements and documentation demanded by retailers in all markets.

Our dynamic and innovative business attracts highly skilled employees who are trained in-house or have gained useful experience in factories or other organizations that can be integrated into our business model.

Our operation is run by Chinese management of great experience and guided by Ian Wilkinson who has personally been in the kitchenware industry for fifty years and whose family have made kitchenwares for over 130 years.

A perfect fusion of heritage-fed expertise and innovation put WCL sourced housewares into the homes of today.

WCL has created patented inventions and created numerous fresh and innovative products in what is the most traditional and conventional of markets. As well as the tough, professional, uncompromising management needed to successfully operate out of China we can, when required, add that ‘bit of magic’ that differentiates a traditional product and often makes the difference.

We manage and deliver quality products consistently to the market, across all categories from entry-level, OEM and private label products to gourmet, designer ranges.